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After Ben

After Ben - Con Riley, JP Handler Theo recalls in heart-wrenching detail his life with partner Ben over 15 years. It's been a year since Ben's death and he still struggles with everyday life...until he meets Peter and Morgan. Peter works out at the same gym, and Morgan is a constant online presence on the debate forums in which Theo participates. Both urge Theo on, to live in the present, to see a future full of hope and love without his Ben. But only one eventually captures Theo's heart.

It was an emotional rollercoaster. Even the narrator was choked up at times. I found both the characters and the storyline believable and completely engaging. I loved Con Riley's lovely prose, the sheer depth of her characters, and her ability to make readers feel almost like voyeurs. It's my first book by this author and certainly will not be my last.

Highly recommended.