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Strength of the Pack

Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Beautifully written but painful in procedure and protocol.
I quite liked the author's skillful style, execution, and prose. What I didn't care for were the great lengths she went to in order to explain every single military protocol and acronym. It felt more like an exercise in demonstrating her knowledge of it, or her success in researching it. While I love me some hot sex in my mm romance, it became so redundant I started skipping over it. Those two major factors drew me out of the story constantly. And I thought it was rather ridiculous when Noah made his declaration at the end and he expected Lucas to know what on earth he was talking about. It was explained ad nauseum that Lucas had no shifter training. So, while I loved what the reader discovers about wolves in the Armed Forces, Lucas and Noah together, the supporting cast, and the setting, I'm giving the story 3 stars. I thought about reading the second one, Strength of the Wolf, hoping for less protocol and sex and more character development and action, but I see that some reviewers have the same complaints about the second one that they had about the first one. Disappointing.