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Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood As a former horse owner and rider, I love that the author got the world of eventing right. But OMG the excruciating details of the story became so tedious it was exhausting to trudge on. This book was WAY too long. Far too much focus on the stable operation and not enough on the romance. Well, there really wasn't a romance. Not even the last chapter, in which the author attempted to give us a "happy for now" ending, was really all that hopeful as our main character, Dan, really was quite the flake in his personal life. I never really bought that Evan and Jeff could want Dan in their lives. They really didn't know him and the author never really gave the readers a believable explanation. The only love demonstrated in this book was Evan's brotherly love for his sister. Two stars, rounded up to three for the great side story about the horses.