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Indigo Footsteps, Spatters of Red

Indigo Footsteps, Spatters of Red - J. Fally I loved J Fally's Bone Rider. One of my all-time fav sci-fi mm romance books. Extremely talented writer. I also hate short stories and most novellas. What this book suffered from was a lack of background for our main characters, a lack of world-building, and an abrupt finish. Some of the sex scenes seemed to just be thrown in. This is why I steer clear of stories of this length.

But it was J Fally, and my Amazon reading buddies recommended it. I don't regret putting a dollar or two in Fally's coffers, but I'm already fuzzy on the details of this story. It won't be memorable except to tickle my brain when someone asks about an mm sci-fi romance set at the Alamo.