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Nephilim Prophecy

Nephilim Prophecy - Adrienne Wilder I think the plot has already been satisfactorily summarized. After reading a second 5-star book (SEVEN) from Adrienne Wilder, I had to go back and write a short review about this talented author's work. What follows is a short snippet from a private message I sent to the author:

"I stayed up until nearly 2am finishing the Nephilim Prophesy on Halloween night. Holy wow! Well crafted and well edited. Beautiful, heart wrenching, exciting, heartwarming, unique. As a recovering catholic..., I nearly put it down a few times as I am not fond of 'anything with a religious bent'. But Indigo, Ariel, Neko, and Lucy kept me reading and on the edge of my seat (or rather bed)."

It was a completely satisfying romp; I felt like I'd been chased along with our heroes. It is not a Judeo/Christian tale, but a supremely intelligent paranormal romance. Yes, it has a happy ending.

Highly recommended.