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Kevin's Savior

Kevin's Savior - Olivia  Black Oh my, where to start. Well, one could have interchanged Kevin with a Kevina or a Kevinette. Kevin is a tiger (think 450-500lbs), his mate Stephen is a wolf. At one point, Kevin, who was tortured by his own father and currently recovering, is reassured that his difficulty in shifting to his animal form is related to the tiger's need to "feel protected and loved". Uh, right. The nearly 500-lb tiger could pretty much kick any other predator's ass. Everything I love about shifter stories was simply missing. I just stopped reading; I couldn't take it anymore. The writing was sophomoric and needed tighter editing. The story was too touchy-feely, girly, namby-pamby for my taste. No thank you.

Disclaimer: Since I DNFd this book, I set its "read" date to 2013 so it would not count toward my 2014 reading challenge.